I am software developer based in Berlin working mostly on data related problems. Take a look at my Github account to see what I am currently working on publicly. In general I try to work on topics that hopefully help others.

Starting 2016 until today I have spent most of my time developing software in R trying to improve the quality of healthcare in Germany. During the last quarter of 2015 I was a freelance consultant developing software in the field of infectious disease epidemiology and humanitarian aid. Until July 2015 I supported an international organization in Geneva on an outbreak response doing data analysis and -management. Between 2012 and 2014 I worked on disease outbreak detection systems and on other research/software engineering activities at a German public health institute in Berlin. Before that I spent some time at an international organization in Copenhagen. Prior to that I have studied Business Informatics focusing on Operations Research and some Machine Learning/AI.

things that interest me: R, combinatorial optimization, operations research, data science, infectious disease epidemiology, julia, functional programming


When sending me an email, consider encrypting it with my public key.

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